Genesis Creations was launched in the year 2014.

The owner James Botha has been
in the design and signage manufacture industry for over 20 years. After working for different design houses and signage companies James decided that he could rather use the time and energy to start his own business
based on the knowledge he has obtained over the last 20 years.

“ I have a dream and vision to become the very best signage designer and manufacturer in the Eastern Cape and one day be able to transform Genesis Creations into a Franchise”

It is not easy, each and every day
has massive challenges and obstacles. James started Genesis Creation with NO capital, working from home as a freelance designer. By God’s grace James has now expanded to signage design and manufacturing.

“I have lots of loyal clients that support me and are expanding because of my strong work ethics.

James always gives 100% and will
make sure that he gives you the best quality without compromising.

You and I have choices in life and by choosing Genesis Creations as your service provider is a choice to acknowledge God and having a business relationship with James Botha.

“ I believe that the light I shine will be seen by people who wants more from life and seeking the true and only God.

Genesis Creations are also working towards a future where we will be able to have a Internship program. This program will focus on empowering rehabilitated substance abuse victims to start over and have a stepping stone for a bright future.

By supporting James and Genesis Creations you will be contributing towards a future for a person who fell victim to substances abuse.

You will help build a foundation.

"Join us on this mission”.